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大塩平八郎:森 鴎外(232-269)/1490


As the book which became the only decoration of a plain house ceased to exist, the house got caught.


The appearance of this house is damaged right now, because we are making craftsmen to manufacture weapons ammunition.


In addition to serving municipalities with martial arts, Retiree Heihachiro is Tamaki gumi gaiji | Shibata Kenbei 's curator, using Satoritari' s spear.


This principal Junosuke is a professional of the same group in the same group | It is a curse of Mr. Fujishige Sunozaburo and hits a large cylinder of Nakashima style.


While the gunner is also a learning exercise to make both big tubes and gunpowder, the husband is special in this house.


It was in September last year.


Heihachiro consulted Fujishige 's Shigeru Kamion, Grandchild | Takutaro and called for the spring of this year | Sakai Sei | Hall to have a stamp on the beach at the beach.


Then, I will lock the door around the room of Heihachiro, and I will make a gunpowder using a cram school student.


Make a rod fire arrow, artillery ball.


When entering a craftsman, set an excuse and do not go outside again.


It is a carpenter of Tenmoku Kitakata Town which saw firewood lumber |


Production was continued until last night.


One hundred one cylinder which was purchased from a person is a one - hundred - one cylinder which is purchased from a person, one hundred column bullets are borrowed from a person without returning from the person, a monster | Moriguchi village farmer 's name and quality quotient | Shirai Takemeon is the There are two wooden tubes made by cutting the pine tree.


The gunpowder made it to say that it was a table carrying stones.

要するに此半年ばかりの間に、絃誦洋々の地が次第に喧噪と雑※ とを常とする工場になつてゐたのである。

In short, during the past half of the year, the land of Western cities gradually became a factory constantly making noise and noise.


When the house has become such a pattern, the gathered person who gets stuck there gathers up, and it does not return until the night gets refreshed, which is gradually becoming more frequent this time.


Last night was a family member of a concubine and a mistress of the owner, Shoza Hashimoto Choubei of Settsu Kokuji Temple Village, Settsu who is helping the living of the great saltwoods by thing | Farmer's superior and pawn shop Fudo Takayonemon, Moriguchi Village, Shogai Yoshibi Watanabe Ryo Shiji Yoshimon, the same group concentric | Shoji Yoshiemon, same group confidential Kondo | Kaji Goro, farmer 's name in Kurokadera village | Kashiwoka Genemon, same 倅 | ten shrine, Kadena Kadoma Sanbancho village farmer's name | Ibarada gun the next eight people Talking about drinking while talking about it, the voice of retirement in a state where the usual way of squeezing the usual person leaked.


Eight people who are familiar with Heike most closely reside at the house / \ The residence.


Even if there are no customers at this time, Sappiyama Sampei, who is acting as a crowd of cram school cheering on his own, is taking over with a male.


Sugiyama is Shoya of Koujirushi village in Kawachi County, and it is likely that some miniature got paid for it.


It is the Okinomiya 's younger party | Yamato country Soga village soga | Iwakura, Midori 8, Yoshike.


A woman was a man and a midfielder saying songs, a ruining evacuation room accompanied by a room's room, so that he just wanted to get frequent time, he just kept on getting rid of it, for a special thing It is not standing.


So what is in the back is Hiraihachi Hirai, Nishinosuke Higuchi, Sugiyama Sugiyama, Sapporo Sugiyama, Sapporo Yakuza, Midori Kinpachi, Yoshiyuki, Seven Maiden Uta, eight Eight Nights Last Night, Fifteen in total , The other side was the former private school in the residence, the student of the new juku, the craftsman, the husband | 抔 was.


Seta | Jeunosuke came running into the inside.


Four, Utsugi and Okada


Among the students in the new school, three years ago they came to lodging, and after leaving the following year, once again, there is something called Uzugi Kuniyuki Yoshinaga that came again last year.


A person who gave a point of consciousness of the university's lecture written by Heihachiro, who is an excellent person of junior high school student of the large salt, person.


This is Utsugi has played in Kyushu two years ago, there are the granddaughters who brought me.


This is Nagasaki | Doctor Okada of Nishizukuri Town | It is a child of Dogen, whose name is Yoshinobu.


When I was taken to Utsugi to leave my parents is 14 years old, I am sixteen years old this year.


The boy, Okada and this boy, woke up six and half times this morning.


From the time a lot of craftsmen get in, it is a very noisy house, but this morning is also extraordinary.


There is a sound to hurt things, such as ya / \, flying / \, mishi / \.


As I was trying to listen to it, while she was wrapped around the floor, it turned out that things that are now damaged are sliding door sliding doors.


Besides, there is a human voice.


I heard the phrase clearly saying, "Do not abandon useless things."


Okada was a reviving, thoughtful boy, but I thought that it was not a dream once it was not thoughtful.


Then Professor Utsugi wondered why he was stretching his neck, and the teacher slept in the usual way with the collar of the cushion under the summer.