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大塩平八郎:森 鴎外(632-671)/1490


Sakamoto went along the western man house and went forward for about 10 minutes, as the big tube walks little by little to the west.


The three cylinders were shot at almost the same time.


The ball of Sakamoto pierced the waist of the cannon.


Kimimoto's ball blew up Sakamoto's shinbashi, but Sakamoto just felt that the wind was hit by a happy face.


Honda 's ball was totally taken advantage of.


Sakamoto and others had a game with the enemy for a while, but since the enemy no longer struck, I caught sight of Shitatsu in Awaji town.


If you look to the west, you can not see the same tide of large salt.


If you look to the east, the fire gradually burns.


Collected the enemy 's abandoned items on the side of Yotsuji, got picked up by three hundred main barrel chassis, two wooden tubes in one chassis, three small bottles, outside | 鑓, flag, drum, gunpowder | Kuzaku, cupboard, long-lasting, etc.


One of the men said that there was awareness and that Heihachiro had it.


Those who died inside the ball have only a mocky person falling down to the northern side of Awaji town outside the big crown of black haori.


The big tube fell down on the side of the big tube on its back.


Under the black figure of Luo Sheshi under the Luo Soup's big haori, I wore a black hairpin red dressing's short sleeve, Hachijyo underwear, I raised my hem, without wearing a hakama nor crotch, I bought a grasshopper on my bare feet I am wearing it, taking on the size of a wonderful..


With three collisions of Koryo bridge, Hirano Bridge, Awaji town, the dead of the big soup is only one man, two miscreants.


There are no deaths of one person in the hands of both magistrates in the moat and the atobe.


Balls hit from both sides usually pass over the head, in the Sakizai muscle the signboard of the town house was penetrated like a honeycomb and the roof tile was crushed.


In the ruins of the big tube, the ruined part of the head of the large pipe, made it penetrate the tip of the head, and carried the city around.


It was known that the only woman who died this battle later said that it was Ronin Umeda who joined the same tide of large salt on the way.


The moat came in to the place where the site was in the town of Awaji town.


When Mori rested at the meeting room of the Excuse Muscle, the concentrating power once scattered once again came to \ 20 and became only 20 people.


Among them, the hands of the ruins rejected the enemies of the plain bridge, so the moat leaves the meeting place and met the ruins in Uchihira-cho.


After consulting for two people, Mori borrowed three people in the hands of the ruins, Ishikawa and Yonekura, ordered the first, took the lead, left the Tenjinbashi bridge south to Hashimichi Town, broke to the west and crossed the Honcho-bashi .


It was a plan to go west west of Honmachi and detour the enemy 's retreat by bypassing.


At the same time, everything on one side is / / to the trace, so it breaks with three people aside.


With the number of people / \ wearing out, I have been to Honmachi Sakizakuji for 134 people.


During that time, I saw the guns bouncing between Tawamachi and Awaji-machi, and then, Ya / \ Sakazaki northward, ran into the conflict.


At the site Tokoro stepped out to Awaji-cho to the west with a moat and the first, but I can not see the shadow of things like enemies anymore.


So we pulled up to Higashi-yu in Honcho-bashi, two people divided the rice, Mori borrowed Ishikawa and Yonekura, brought back to Nishimonmachiya, and the ruins came into the castle.


Sakamoto, Honda, Gamo, Shibata, Masuwa | Concentric concentricity etc was divided into the ruins in the main market place and returned to Higashi Municipal Office.


Nine, Yachiya, Newly built place, Shimo-machi


When Sakamoto found a large cylinder to be grinded by Umeda, Heihachiro stopped at a place close to Otsuji of Awaji-cho 2-chome.


The same trend sees / \ It wears out, it comes to grab things to the people who grind the car of the large cylinder.


Sakamoto and other gunshots are beginning to hear, the same trend will fall into a state of little tightness.


To shoot anymore, you shoot without permission, without depending on the decree.


Heihachiro was watching it for a while for a while, gathered the people who gathered and said, "I have already worked hard so far, I have stepped on it so far, I will evacuate the factory from now on. I will hand it over to you. "


The twelve people who gathered together were Nunosuke, Shirai, Hashimoto, Watanabe, Seta, Shoji, Ibarada, Takahashi, Father | Kashiwaoka, Nishimura, Sugiyama and Seta's Uta | Uematsu | Uematsu, but Heihachiro's lyrics I listened to everyone and kept silent while looking at their faces.


Seta advanced and said, "We will accompany everywhere, but I will not convey all intentions to them as much as possible."


And I transferred the head of the lord to the remaining soldiers who are standing in places.


Some listen to it and go off to abandon.


There are things that I quickly escape by abandoning the neglected load, which I had on waiting.