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大塩平八郎:森 鴎外(672-719)/1490


Mostly I was able to escape from this place, but Yasuda got away one person and got caught because I was hiding in the town house.


At this time there was a carpenter artificial army who took charge of the president in the same direction but when he was transmitted the lyrics of the chief, only himself was a large salt | to stay away from saying that he wanted to give fathers .


Since he was impressed by the quality of craftsmen | temperament that Heihachiro had left the idea of the company, he forgot about the grudged in the ruling party and felt like living and dying together.


Heihachiro was surrounded by Twelve men and Takeshi and turned back halfway from the west end of Awaji - cho 2 - chome and stepped into the northern townhouse where the fire moved to the next.


I went to Higashi plain town in the north back.


Since Sakamoto and others beat down Umeda, a great time took us until we got to Tsuji, so this 14 people up and down was able to successfully ruin the traces.


At this time | the direction of Kitabenhaba, it has been a while since the riot has been over for a while, so blue smoke rises from the site of the burned house.


What obsessed to what thing, black burnt pillar, a person who is going to leave the side of the tile of the tile entrusted to the earth, what a crowd who will conquer the tile of the tile entrusted to the ground, what a crow and a dog goes to where the beast's corpse goes bad There is nothing that disturbs the evacuation of Heihachiro etc only by mistake that the person who is looking forward to the looking face does not look face to face with each other.


From around eight, the sky gradually became thinly gray, and the feeling that the dullness of a person 's head was pushed down was dominating the city.


Fourteen people who still had guns and gnaws still had no lyrics, sew a burned town in a lightning bolt, and walked down the shadow and went to the west bank of Toyoko Horikawa.


Heihachiro stopped his feet and looked at him as he was burning with a blue fire in the middle of the road where one of the trees arranged along the way built and collapsed broke and only the hem of the wall remained, From the bosom I threw the scroll and threw it into the flame.


This was a consensus letter signed by allegies signed between the eighth New Year and the 15th of February this year, behind the writing of the plot of the conspiracy and the military order.


Fourteen people got through the same direction, doing the thought of separating the gods of Koryo bridge that passed the ratio of the seventy eight people now.


It bent along the river bank, past the Tenjinbashi packing, and it took seven times to go to the house.


Suddenly, one boat 's boat was connected to the jetty.


A boatman is standing alone for one person.


When the land belongs to a fire, it is a boat that is not large, like a storey, carrying luggage and running away.


Heihachiro jumped on a line and jumped onto the boat.


Thirteen people came in from the trail with Dome / \.




Take the boat. "


Seta shouted at Seta.


The ship 's suddenly struck instrumentally and solved it.


Since the boat entered the midstream, Shoji had ten words, the other people threw hands in the water.


Then, while the river-style cold weather, everyone took off our clothes and threw it in the water as well.


"Row like rowdy so please row it."


Seta made the ship's head manipulate him.


A boat that carries the baggage but caught fire, floating in Okawa as if it were sown.


Even if a boat such as Heihachiro gets fuzzy with it, there is nothing to blame for anyone to watch.


At the same time, the instructor who worked mechanically gradually woke up and thought that I managed to land this delicious customer as soon as possible.


"Where will your husband come up?"


Seta told them to be silent.


Heihachiro whispers something to Takahashi who was on the side.


Takahashi got two gold out of his pocket and held it in the hands of the ship's head.


"I will take care of you.


Your name is what a cliche. "




This is not done.


My name is Naokichi. "


From now on, the ship's head honestly listens to the instructions.


Heihachi raised his head and said, "I will tell you about my future, so I can hear it all together."


It is roughly true that we are going to exist.


Those who planned to pursue the remnant and to stop the injury saying that these plants are going to destroy the evil, and saving the accumulation to save the depression.


Nevertheless he was totally defeated, and this became crushed as a squirrel.


I am not a master of the heaviest person who is a chief administrator, I do not even mind others.


Sorry to be sorry, your relatives are former friends apprentice frontward.


I apologize to you for your sins.


Please leave the meeting of Koko boat as the last group, go up to the land by splitting the clams, I would like to receive each good news.