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大塩平八郎:森 鴎外(807-839)/1490


Masuke Nakagawa and Inuzuka's arrangement to arrest the ruling party of the conspiracy started from around Higurashi, but it was also impossible to work.


Heihachiro 's uncle Mr. Miyawaki of Heihachiro who is doing the shrine of the shrine in suita village. The catcher' s headed toward Shima 's place is the next 20 days, Miyawaki jumped into the reservoir.


It was from the evening of 21th that I left the day the day when I began to investigate the boat of Kawaguchi by the hand of the ship's magistrate.


It is also the twenty-first day that we withdrew our castle weapons.


The fire that began with Tenma at the time of five morning flew a large cylinder at the arrival of a large salt, arriving a fire, so it was spreading out of my thoughts despite being a day without wind.


Tenma is Kawasaki in the east, Shimotsune Temple in the west, Settsu national town, Jiroro town, Echigo town, Journi town, Okawa in the south and Yoshi Town in the north as the world, the city from Otemae to Senba, Tanimachi From the 1 st chome to 3 chome to the east boundary, from the Upper Major Miso Muscle to the Shimokaga Bridge Muscle To the West Bank, the Uchihonmachi, Tarobaemon cho, Nishinomiya, Bungo Town, Azucho Town, Uoi Town to the Minami Kai, Okawa, Tosabori River With the North world, it became a scorched earth.


In the Honbashi bridge eastward, Tominagaya Atobe Tokorobu who entered into Nishi-machi Kagami moat, burned near the leading fire, so he ran for fire at the seventh time at the end of the evening at the same time he was concentrating his / her powers below Sakamoto.


It was exactly | Fireman's leg was trying to stop fire in Tanimachi, but because of the small number of people and the fact that we are tired all the time, for the six and half months we will transfer the fire to Tanimachi duto office I could not prevent it.


It was five and a half of the evening of the next 20 days to put out the fire.


In terms of the number of towns, it is said that the Tenma group 452 towns, the North Five-ten towns, the Minami 11 town, the house number, the number, the number 3,889, 12,55 The 1780 people suffered from a disaster.


Eleventh, one after February 19th, Shinkinetsu


Osaka | Mr. Armor of Army lights the darkness with the fire in the castle, listening to the cynicism of the sick patient who evacuated to the original place of the battlefield, on the night of February ninth, the body colluded with a certain forest of Hirano Town There were four people surpassing.


This is trying to get over to Kawachi during the dawn of the night, the body and mind are exhausted, Heihachiro who was no longer able to go one step further | Son, Seta and Watanabe.


Four people entered the world of Kawachi the next day and hurriedly stopped by a house other than asking for food, hurried the interstate east along the Hirano River.


Well, while I was thinking about where I should redeem the night, I had a great weather from the night.


Watanabe who thought about things for a while as he found out the company of production lot and saw it, so suddenly there was no way to walk so far, so it would be quick to say that he would not make it into the hands and feet of his teacher I pulled my wrong and stood against my belly.


Because the stump came in as much as three-tented on the left flank, he decided that he could not be helped after all, Heihachiro intervened.


Watanabe is a white, colored, slightly toothy, temperate man with a warm heart and age just over a dozen.


Even on the twenty-first day, the heavy rain does not stop feeling stopping.


Heihachiro | The father and Seta left the company of productionland leaving the carcasses of Watanabe as marks.


It was on the twenty - second day that the farmer 's farmer found the carcass and filed a lawsuit.


The place where the company was located is Takeaka village, Shiki gun, Kawachi.


Three people affected the weather and went ahead toward the northeast.


Weather / rain / / I breathe in the afternoon, but my skin gets wet and my cold weathers.


I barely passed some tributaries of the Yamato River and arrived in Tian'an County Enshi Village at night.


By the way, I eschewed the example man and searched for the shadow Tsujido.


I came collecting the dead branches from the neighborhood, fearing / \ When you were doing a fire and burning, Seta fever came.


Always a bad, pale face, dark red as it did a liquor, and her second crown is blooding.


If Heihachiro son caught something, he replies to him in a surprised way, but then, before and after the fire, I can not understand the dream now either.


While I was coming so far, Professor Seta took off his coat that I was wearing and attacked Heihachiro, so he was more strongly affected by the cold than anyone else.


Heihachiro dropped in Seta to a corner house rarely, and said that he liked to come from the ruins by recuperating, and forced the rice paddy field to pass there to the person with the farmers.


That 's why Heihachiro who watched for a while for a latter shadow suddenly woke up and stepped out the fire firing.


And aspiring for the direction of Shin - Etsu, I started walking the way back and forth with Ronnosuke.