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大塩平八郎:森 鴎外(937-978)/1490


At four and a half of the night of March 26, Tokiwa called for eight people at home to convey his life, immediately preparing for assembly at Nakayashiki.


At Nakayashiki, Tokita showed all the writings of Miyoshiya 's house, and ordered the order of Chengfu to make them as raw as possible.


Ms. Okano consulted and received a half stick from Tokita.


Then Okano agreed to this, saying that he would like to make a lot of order and not to make a dispute, in order to go through a narrow place of entrance.


Okano repeatedly said that since he is older than fifty years old, there is also a trace of trace and I want to stop the service from this time, so I got the best and the next two to eight It was said that he wanted people to draw the winning number.


As we all agreed, we pull the lottery and ranked second with Kikuchi Yaya, Mihonmatsu Takahashi, No. 4 Kikuchi Ippei, Goto Toyama, Rokkuni Azure, No. 7 Serizawa, No. 8 Saito.


Akatsuki at the end of the 27th, the president of Doi | Takami Juroemon calls Okano, Kikuchi Tetsuhei, Serizawa three people to the house, brings Seishan Kozo Uchiyama together, and with four people concentric with Uchiyama We announced that we will send to the reconnaissance, accompanied by the room eyes Takashi Torito.


Okano Isaozumi returned to Nakayashiki, they all talked about the treatment of Takami and waited for the results of the reconnaissance, Takami came and came to me, so my important role is to avoid fault I made a speech.


Seven and a half more birds came to Nakayashiki, carried on the mouth of Uchiyama, and showed to Honcho 5 chome's meeting place.


Nine people below Tokita stood birds' neck first, and they took Okamura Keisuru and others to go out to Honmachi outside.


After waiting at the meeting place in Honmachi for a while, a single concentricity came to Utsuyama 's use, and all the guides were presented to the Shinano - cho site.


It is a southern back street of an oil-filled city.


In Shinanomachi, we saw the drawing of Miyoshiya 's house which Uchiyama got out, and according to that opinion, it was divided into a pursuer to east front entrance and to a western back entrance.


The pursuers are seven people, Uchiyama, Concentration two people, Okano, Kikuchi Yayaro, Matsuya, Mr. Katsura Tetsuhei, Sekisetsu are two concentricities, Toyama, Anza, Serizawa, Saito, Tokita.


These two hands went to Miyoshiya, who had been wrapped around the firecrackers who had been three people 's rate, Toshiyuki Imai, Kenosuke Imai, Koji Hayida, and Nanase Nagasaburo, at six and a half o'clock.


His hands moved one step ahead and solidified the western back door.


Following the success, Yuki entered the east portrait in the order of Okano, Kikuchi Yayori, Matsuya, Kikuchi Ippei, Uchiyama.


Uchiyama asked Kikuchi Tetsuhei to stay inside the front entrance.


Ippei is not at heart because alone, so I got it to Okamura who came along.


A conspirator of a follower called a wife's tie of Miyoshiya, and said to the ear with a mouth.


"You are an important person, so do not keep on working.


You go to the door of the plate fence and say it to Heihachiro.


As Goro Heiwa inside becomes a deposit, now an official of household improvement has arrived.


It is said that please go out of the trunk mouth of the back with a good chair.


I will not make a mistake. "


She always looked pale, but she stood up and went to the door of the board fence, if I could say / \.


It was impossible to say the mouth taught together.


After a while the doorway opened to details.


He peered in from the inside is Heihachiro of the shaved head.


Heirihachi looked at the catcher and looked at him and immediately closed the door.


Okano etc hit the door.


Okano called out from the door.


"Heihachiro: It is cowardly.


Go to this. "


"Wait", Heihachiro cried out of the shutters of the uninsured area.


Okano etc was hesitant for a while.


Kikuchi Tetsuhei, inside the front entrance, waited for a while at the evacuation site of Miyoshiya's wife's offspring and servants, but after looking at the doorway at the doorway of the board fence, you could see the table in the form of a key shape With the garden around the corner of the rim, turn around and concentrically in the doorway, said, "How about getting down?"


I answered "I am sorry" concentric.


Tetsuhei pulled in at the doorway and refined the shutoff shut door at the front with a half stick.


Smoke came out from the place where the door broke, and there was a smell of gunpowder.


Following Ippei, concentric, Okano, Kikuchi Yayaro, Matsuya stepped in one step and struck the remaining shutters.


On the front of the unseen floor there is a fallen body like Ryunosuke, covering the clothes with it, putting a shoji inside, moving over the carcass, leaning against a storm door, fire it It was.