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青年:森 鴎外(50-87)/3777


Ringing like a clog geta is a pleasant feeling.


It is surrounded by old-fashioned Ruisui from inside the gateway where the flaked wooden image is settled.


In my hometown house, there was a screen of nishikie in the grandmother 's room.


I do not know which shrine was the shrine in that picture, but I think there was such a ruin.


On the edge of the shrine, a small girl who took a baby in a sleeping cloth and sat on a rim of his hand wrapped his body like a cold.


Since Junichi can not bear to worship, when leaving the small gate to the left, there is a pond like a groove, and there is a miscellaneous grove of leaves yellowish tree between the Joban trees in the small high court .


When I saw the bubbles floating in places in the muddy pond, as I was sick, I quickly left the back gate.


I enter a narrow street of Yabushita.


Many are small houses fitted with lattice doors, before the line is lined up, since the cart of sale is stopped, pass the body sideways.


The door on the right side is locked in an old tenement house which collapsed and no longer lives.


I thought that this is Kamenji and passed by.


Seeing that there is a crown gate next to that, I write it in a separate house in Kagawa Kokoro and unfamiliar wood tags.


Because it is a strange name, I thought that I was a member of some sort who remembered while reading a newspaper.


From the sky there is a house that is not so beautiful and a house like a garden.


In the hill like the left side, it is very roughly trimmed that the big tree is standing.


I thought it was behind a big house with bad work and passed by.


When climbing up the toe, climb up to the level that becomes flat, and the right side is a cliff, you can see the roof of the house between Ueno mountain.


When looking at the house with a budding wall on the left side, you can see the gate that Mori is a certain one.


Junichi, oh, I thought that this was the house of Konumura, I stared a while and looked inside Komaki.


In the habit of a dry old elderly, a novel and a script that the geodetic surgeon measures the land with a person standing in a fresh young man and stupid, a person who is saying bitches and bitterness, a rod and a staff measure As it is about the person who is writing, I thought that it would have said that for the moment I would have woken up a face like crushing bittern insects, get out and get out of the kitchen with charcoal fireworks saying, I walked away.


When you get off the slope to the right of Yotsuji, both the right and left are chrysantheme cabins.


A man like a drawstring or a purse cloth cut by a cedar on a tall stand like a kido number of a national drama is like a pictorial in the hand in the hand I will encourage visitors and encourage them to have a nice view.


It is still early in the morning, so Junichi passed a little to pass, so I recommend to Junichi one person from the both sides of the way.


Even though I try to see a doll that is visible from the outside, Junichi can not see his feet fast.


So I quickly walked past the legs and went to a wide town on the right.


If I look at the watch, it will only be 8:30.


It was not quite the time to wake up the eyes of Oishi, so I bent into the mountain of Ueno, a favorable yokocho.


Both sides of a narrow town are non-contaminated tenement buildings, there are shops that bake salted rice crackers and small rough shops.


Half the opening of a hut in the storehouse | There is even a matter that you have to go lying down to be open.


In the slope without slope, the garbage has fallen and the water is stagnant.


It seems that there is no spirit to play mischief when you see that it is worse for a bad blooded-out child.


Junichi thought that there is no such sad place in the country.


While going round and round, across the Itabashi hanging over a stream, the rice field came down halfway and came out to a side standing out of a new house like a fold.


On the side of a house is written a musical instrument factory with paint's capital.


Junichi surprised and went through as it was a process, such things are different from the country.


I got off the side of Yanaka from the cemetery and the wandering crane, I got under the slope like a country road.


From something with gray clouds, the sun went around, there was a yellow, light with lonesome warmth at the top.


Whether going up a slope and seeing a part of Ueno, then it will be too late, then it is in danger of standing up.