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青年:森 鴎外(923-967)/3777


While listening to it, the strong and weakness of Mrs. Lady who says the mysterious theatrical place is gradually losing sympathy, sister says something unlikely to seem to be weak, weak and strong Even though nature and sympathy come together.


It is noticeable that the sightseeing is slightly different.


While I am bored with dialogue, I am breathtaking and listening to my expectations.


In the place where it is understood that footsteps of the second floor which was too big is bank president bankruptcy, the sight which is not familiar with the means which draw such a shadow receives a new stimulation for the first time.


Mrs. Wilton of a son's lady comes out.


My son is out.


Emotions are getting more and more intense.


Mrs Borkuman remained in the traces where everyone was retracted, and it became the curtain where the person is anxious by rolling his body on the floor.


The seats for sightseeing has brightened up.


"I thought that Mrs. Borkuman's rolling would be funny, but it is not funny outside," Violet said.




Do not make fun of me.


Anyhow, it's funny and it's interesting, "replied Yuzura.


The right wife stood soon as it came into the curtain but soon came back without a collar and no cops.


It is probably because the air has become warm.


I wore a coat of crimson leather, it was a round band of Kanchun type Karasuru, but I thought that Junichi was dressed black, wearing a fine haori.


Then, almost one by one on the fingers that are assembled on the knee | I noticed that the finger ring was shining.


My wife 's eyes were poured on Junichi' s face again.


"You are reading the script.


What is the next act? "


It is a calm, clear voice.


And it seems to be like the sound of a gold stone somehow.


But Junichi gave a strong impression of eyes rather than voice.


It seems that the lyrics that seems to be lurking behind the eyes are lurking in the bottom of the eye, and the lyrics talking about it looks like a different expression.


At the same time, it turned out that the two young girls on the left all saw him.


"I do not read this scenario, but I have read it in French translation.


The next act is to show the second floor of that footsteps. "


"Oh, you a French scholar" My wife said that there seems to be something in mind and smiled smiled.


Since the curtain just opened at this time, I did not know Junichi what kind of emotions the wife's lyrics embarked on like emotion like questions that do not answer.


On the stage, Borkuman of a cage's wolf gently opens a small heart's girl, a small girl who can play with playing the piano to himself, and there is a sprouting spirit of a disappointed person early here I am trying to comfort the heart of my depression unfairly by seeing.


The sightseeing became a kind of feeling when I heard a sorrowful voice like a little bird of a daughter Frieda, entered into a chrysanthemum in Asakusa Park and stopped his feet in front of a cage of a red flag ing.


"Well, sorry it is," I heard Mrs.


A Frida like a bird is back and a parent poet comes.


It also returns.


Ella, who is bitten by a husband in a ruthless sibling, who is loved by the old-fashioned life, is bitten into the body of an incurable disease, breathes a candle and enters a cage of an old lover.


As Mrs. Gunn Hill, who is a symbol of the winning position of being a wife, wears a large width on his head and hears himself outside the door, like a terrible vision, it disappears again.


Cry with the power of the great love of the fangs of nolong false wolves, and when you try to take Erla to the room in the downstairs that is the visionary cave, the curtain descends.


Also the seats for sightseeing will be bright.


Voice and noise are heard as the winds shake the forest.


Junichi also perceived that his wife's eyes turned towards him.


"What will happen in the future?"


"This time again is under the second floor.


We will have some solution in advance. "


After being honored by a wife, Junichi seems to have been subjected to sharp observation by two young girls on the left.


While Rika is appearing in his view, the daughter looks at the spot, but as he turns towards the front, or turns to the right even a little, his gaze flying like an arrow , I feel that I am in my section.