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青年:森 鴎外(1225-1267)/3777


The brush of my diary is still taking a detour.


I am scary.


Why is it that I opened this diary I abandoned for a long time and did not look up, and grabbed the brush and came to this?


Is not it because I thought of writing a career?


Why do you have the courage to do that, do you dare to write it?


Or was it courageous, did not do it boldly, was it forced by a man to make it into a comic?


Do not be ashamed of making it into a comic.


When I ran through the iron door of Negishi 's house the blood stood standing.


And I felt refreshing which I do not understand something.


I had a kind of power feeling.


At that time I was different from myself in the wilderness, and it seems that I was even thinking that I was a person of Heikei who was storing the blood of a cold fish in the pulse, compared to that state at that time.


But it was a feeling of the body, thought was chaotic.


At first I walked to the big stomach.


Satsuma Shima stepped on the clouds of a cold night to make a high notch.


During that time the pace has gradually become loose, turning west to the west of Yugisaka, forming a row of stone lanterns, passing by the spirit shop, somewhere the blood that had been burning the skin somewhere I flew away and felt that my face became pale and millet was produced in the skin.


At the same time thought came back from orderly order.


Clear pleasure came in.

譬えば paroxysme をなして発作する病を持っているものが、その発作の経過し去った後に、安堵の思をするような工合であった。

In paraphrase it was a kind of work that thought of relief after having gone through that seizure, what had paroxysme's disease to attack.


I had a volume of Lacusines in my hand.


And it seemed that the obligation to go back to return it was not a particularly pleasant duty either.


It seemed that it could not have been able to attract myself with that eyes becoming magical power anymore.


Suddenly strange things came up from my memory.


That is a certain attitude of his wife.


When I try to return home by borrowing Lashine, it is said to be cold, so I instructed the petitioner to give out the wine which I did, and while watching the drink for it, I was bending forward The long chair was stretched forward long both legs wearing white socks with enough spine.


It is the posture that it is meaningless that it floated up from memory.


At the same time I remembered that, I was surprised that I had no affectionate lyrics, looking back at the dialogue with my wife until I came home from when I go.


I doubted that every novel or screenplay was fictional.

その時ふいと Aude という名が思い出された。

At that time I was reminded of the name Aude.


Although the eyes of Oodo were empty eyes, which were eyes that could be dead while drifting people like the sea, the eyes of his wife are different only in living eyes of his wife.


That eyes told various things.


But that attitude also tells us something.


It seems unusual to talk like that.

飽くまで行儀正しい処と、一変して飽くまで frivole な処とのあるのも、あれもオオドだと、つくづく思いながら歩いていたら、美術学校と図書館との間を曲がる曲がり角で、巡査が突然角燈を顔のところへ出したので、びっくりした。

If it is walking while thinking that it is Odo that there is also a grumbling disposition and a frivole disposition to the last minute after all it is changed, a police officer suddenly turns a glow lamp in a turn which turns between the art school and the library I was surprised because I put it on the face.


I told you to take a detour toward the destination to write today 's diary, but this is like finding a destination and finally going around its outside.


However, it was a person I knew today that I was an unknown person.


And the waves that caught a moment quickly came again, and the heart was still calm as a philosopher, even though it still spent more than two hours from that time.


I did not anticipate this kind of thing.


That is not all that I did not anticipate.


I did not anticipate becoming a person I knew but wanting to be a person who knows with such a mechanism.


I never thought of waiting for love, and I did not even think that I should become a person who knows and start, but I also did not think that self-defense mind would easily be overcome without love affair.


And that Mrs. Sakai is never a subject of my romantic love.


It was a long time ago that I had the impulse from the inner side and the instinct of the instinct.


Although my heart became uneasy and reading a book, the eyes sometimes looked at the letters and the heart could not be able to deduce its significance.