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青年:森 鴎外(2956-3001)/3777

要するに芸術家らしい芸術家は、恐らくは sport に熱中することがむずかしかろうと云うのである。

In short, an artist like an artist probably says that it will be difficult for you to become enthusiastic about the sport.


Junichi seemed to have a place to remember, he said like this.


"I am not an artist, but I can not become enthusiastic about the game."


"It's already a song's season, but that's no use."


"It is no use at all.


I always get reluctant to read, "said Junichi with a laugh.


"That's right.


I squeeze the fact that there are several songs beginning with the same lyrics in the hundreds of heads, and before I have read the first five letters, I hold down two or three cards as I like If I can not do it, I can not make it to my poor hands.


As soon as it gets that way, there is no singing of the song.


Children 's Iroha Yuku is the same.


To put it more extreme, sow a couple of things like A 's B' s bills, and when you read A, you will love selling the selling A 's bills all the time.


If the songs are worthy of the value of the song, it only depends on the song of 100 songs, what kind of songs start with the same lyrics, to the pleasure of not having mechanical punching It will be limited.


I would like to memorize something more nervous than having I do such a thing and burdens the memory. "

「一体あんな事を遣ると、なんにも分からない、音の清濁も知らず、詞の意味も知らないで読んだり取ったりしている、本当の routiniers に愚弄せられるのが厭です」

"When I do something like that, I do not know anything, I do not know the clarity of the sound, I do not know the meaning of the lyte, I read or take it, I do not like being touched by real routiniers"


"Well then you still have some sort of dispute"


"You are young,"


"How can it be?"


They also laughed at the face again.


Omura thinks that every time he sees Junichi's laughing face, he or she is a man who can make a sad eye.


At the same time, at the same time suddenly the same sex of love came to mind.


There is a dark Sakai that can not be found in mind.


Continuously I am glad to cross just a thing above myself, since I met this young man with wiping out, I will come to this place very carefully.


Disliking disgusted statements ___ ___ 0 ___ ___ 0 ___ ___ 0 ___ ___ 0 ___ ___ 0 ___ ___ 0

自分は homosexuel ではない積りだが、尋常の人間にも、心のどこかにそんな萌芽が潜んでいるのではあるまいかということが、一寸頭に浮んだ。

I am not a homosexuel, but it is one thing in my mind that there is not such an embryo lurking somewhere in my heart even by ordinary people.


A while ago Omura stood up suddenly.




Let's go now.


What are you going to do from now? "


"There is no honor.


Anyway let's send it out there. "


It was not yet at 2 o'clock in the afternoon.


Together with Omura wearing the uniform of the university, Junichi left Hodogaya 's boarding house and bent to Dango - zaka - dori.


A branch of a branch is drawn next to it, linking the pine branch to the bamboo that stands at the gate.


There are quiet houses of a business shop or a tool shop with a shoji screen beautifully, intersecting the lively shops of liquor stores and gift shops.


Whatever you look at, even preparing for the year's renewal, adding some sort of lubrication, even those standing in the shop, are constantly lively.


On the northern side of this town there is one narrow antique furniture shop.


Is it because Yanaka is a place with many temples, wood fish remaining in the vermillion places and wooden statues peeled off with chalk are lined up between a cup and a cup of small tea cup which does not have a number.


From the ceiling the crocodile mouth and bamboo are descending down with the dead fishes.


Every time I always pass Junichi, I peek at this shop a little.


It goes without saying that it is different from the feeling of the old man, who keeps his feet in front of the antique store trying to find a bargain.


Looking at Junichi is a kind of curiosity.


One of the national treasures stores only junk tools.


There are pieces of gold scraps and wood that may not be familiar to anything, unfamiliar instruments, bad luck, and what one's split.


When Junichi was small, he crawled inside of it all day, sometimes stirring the crap without looking for anything.


When my deceased mother eats me, I do not have Junichi, so I searched and came to that store and remembered that I was surprised.


Peeping at this old furniture store is a remnant of the heartfelt at that time.