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食堂:森 鴎外(48-86)/174

巴里で Emile Henry とかいう奴が探偵の詰所に爆裂弾を投げ込んで、五六人殺した。

In Eri, a man named Emile Henry threw a blast in a detective's base and killed 56 people.


Then I threw another ball into the store, killed two people and injured only twenty more.


Before he was sentenced to death, he explained that he would like to throw bombs at all.


Since society persecutes anarchists to a single order, we also make society an enemy to give up.


There is no one living in society who has not squeezed a worker's blood sack, eats good food, or sleeps on a warm futon.


Where do you like to throw it?


It is because the effect of advertising the principle is large that it is to aim at the monarch or to aim at the president. "


"It's a burnt story," said Yamada.


Inuzuka laughed and said, "Because the people who got burned for various reasons get into it, it's good to say that anarchism is a great burn."


There is nothing in the hall where the cafeteria talks loudly, as it is placed on the walls in some places with the words, "A quiet walk".


So you can have a group of two or three people in a conversation, and seldom talk to you from a distant seat.


Yamada said, looking at Inuzuka's face, "from when on when such a lawless thing had begun."


Inuzuka silently saw the face of Kimura listening to the story, saying, "That's why I have to ask the scholar Kimura.


"I agree.


I have not examined it separately before.


Anarchism and nullism are known by their parents. "


Whenever Kimura thinks something, he speaks slowly, with a voice smaller than the outsider.


In addition, when it comes to Inuzuka, she is more polite than anyone.


Also Inuzuka feels that Kimura respects him and does not like him, and he does not like the man Kimura so much.


Yamada said, "It's different from nullism."


Kimura seems to think that it would be bothersome if this story gets bothered, and he reluctantly said with a small voice.


"Because there was no such thing as emptiness, there would have been no more human use of such words after the establishment of an anarchitarian ideology."


"Who is the parent," said Inuzuka.

「自分で anarchiste と名告って、君主だの主権者だのというものを認めない、人間の意志で縛っては貰わないと書いたのは Proudhon で、六十年程前(1849)の事でした。

"Proudhon who wrote himself anarchist and did not admit that he was the sovereign and was the sovereignty of the monarch, was Proudhon, about sixty years ago (1849) was.

Nihiliste の方は、犬塚君はいろんな文学雑誌なんぞを好く見ておられるから御承知でしょうが、Turgenjew の父|等と子等という小説に書いてある造語ですね。

If you are Nihiliste, you know that Inuzuka likes to read various literary magazines, but you may be aware, but it is a coinage written in the novel of Turkenjew's father, etc.


That came about fifty years ago (1862). "


"That's why anarchism is ahead," said Yamada.


"That's right.

しかしツルゲニエフがあの小説を書いた時には、まだ Bakunin が無政府主義をロシアへ持って帰ってはいなかったのだ。

But when Türgeniev wrote a novel, Bakunin had not yet brought back anarchism to Russia.


Besides, the fact that nothing is written is different from what is written in that novel from what has been widely used later.

丁度 snob という詞だって、最初に Thackeray が書いた時の意味と、今の意味とはまるで違っているようなものだ。

The phrase snob is just like the meaning that Thackeray first wrote is different from what it is today.


The idea of adolescents since Bakunin returned to Russia is written by Turgeniev in the novel of his new country, not his parents and children. "


Inuzuka got cold, saying, "I'm an idiot."


"What I'm just paying a little attention to is the history of literature.


Because things in the world are in the shadows of literature, they are understood indirectly. "


Kimura's words were heard like a whistle and also excuses.


"That would make it a shame to put a release ban on a literary book, and it would be a shame."


The eyes of Kimura looking at Inuzuka's face lighted a little.


Every time Kimura hears Inuzuka's words like the one I just mentioned, it feels like the bird sage gently crawls to the end of her eyebrows.