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妄想:森 鴎外(314-355)/386


Although Hartman connected his own aesthetics to his own worldview, it was said that his aesthetics were the most complete at the time, even if it was cut off from the chain. He was rich in discovery.


In aesthetics, he was merely hated by Hartmann as the head of Yawari.


One by one, after leaving Hartman's view of the world, he was able to provide valuable evidence of his aesthetics and perplexing.


I would like to open and see any aestheticist books that came out after Hartmann.

きつと美の Modification と云ふものを説いてゐる。

We preach and describe what is called Modification of Beauty and Beauty.


That was nothing before Hartman because Hartman gave up.


Everybody and he preach it, and the character of Hartmann's character is also pronounced.


Shut up silently.


It was a horn to the fortress, and a man who stood in the fortress was a master of many, and for one of his lords was forgiven.


And no matter how carefully crafted metaphysics, he knew that it was equivalent to a single lyrical verse.

       *     *     *

* * *

 形而上学と云ふ、和蘭寺院楽の諧律のやうな組立てに倦んだ自分の耳に、或時ちぎれちぎれの Aphorismen の旋律が聞えて来た。

The metaphorology and so on, I heard the melody of Aphorismen that broke off at one's own ear, who was fascinated by the assembly of the discipline of the Wahran temple music.

 生の意志を挫いて無に入らせようとする、ショオペンハウエルの Quietive に服従し兼ねてゐた自分の意識は、或時|懶眠の中から鞭うち起された。

One's awareness of being obediently obsessed with the quietness of Shoopen Howell's quietness was awakened during his sleepiness.

 それは Nietzsche の超人哲学であつた。

It was Nietzsche's superhuman philosophy.


But this was not a diet to feed me, it was a drink that made me drunk.


It is exhilarating to use the passive, altruistic morality of the past as the group's morality.


At the same time, the socialist's view of the Sea of Four Seas, the morality of a group of fools and scorns that excludes all privileges, and the dog of the anarchist, when the dog writhes in the city of Okura It is also interesting.

併し理性の約束を棄てて、権威に向ふ意志を文化の根本に置いて、門閥の為め、自我の為めに、毒薬と匕首とを用ゐることを憚らない Cesare Borgia を、君主の道徳の典型としたのなんぞを、真面目に受け取るわけには行かない。

At the same time, abandoning the promise of reason, putting the will at the root of the culture, putting the will at the root of the culture, making the Cesare Borgia a monarch who won't hesitate to use poisons and boars for the sake of the monk, ego. It does not go to receive the seriousness of the morality of


Besides, the appearance of Hartmann's detailed ethical theory has killed some new marks to so-called innovation in evaluation.


So how is death?


"Eternal Resurrection" is not a comfort.

Zarathustra の末期に筆を下し兼ねた作者の情を、自分は憐んだ。

I was jealous of the author's emotions, which at the end of the Zarathustra brushed the brush.

 それから後にも Paulsen の流行などと云ふことも閲して来たが、自分は一切の折衷主義に同情を有せないので、そんな思潮には触れずにしまつた。

Since then I have also reviewed Paulsen's epidemic and so on, but since I can not have sympathy for any eclecticism, I did not touch that thought.

       *     *     *

* * *


In the old house, which used to be an imitation of a villa, a house that just holds a knee has only one tool for one hundred of the Buddhists.


In addition, the master's niece makes a wall and a wall a shelf, and makes a shelf and a shelf a book.


And the parcels of books come from the West to the master who seems to burn all traffic with the world.

彼が生きてゐる間は、小さいながら財産の全部を保菅してゐる Notar の手で、利足の大部分が西洋の某|書肆へ送られるのである。

While he lives and wanders, most of his benefits are sent to the West's fort, with the hand of Notar holding small but full of wealth.


My husband is old and has the same eyesight of black species, and he reads old books to visit old people who nostalgic people in the world.


People in the world go out to the city and read new books as they see new people.


Take a walk through the sand mountain and watch the pine grove.


Go down to the sandy beach and watch the sea waves.


I'm hungry for the eighty-eight recommended vegetable chopsticks.

 書物の外で、主人の翁の翫んでゐるのは、小さい Loupe である。

Outside the book, it is the small Loupe who sings with the master's niece.


See the small grass flowers picked from the sand mountain.

その外 Zeiss の顕微鏡がある。

There is a Zeiss microscope outside that.

海の雫の中にゐる小さい動物などを見る Merz の望遠鏡がある。

There is a Merz telescope that looks at small animals and so on in the ocean.


Look at the stars of the sunny night sky.


This is an occasional rust that brings back the memories of natural science.


The master's nephew can not escape from this old house without losing the mind of the old days.


And I think of such a thing in retrospect of the past.


Those who have the right to insist on the demands of the day are probably only genius geniuses.