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安井夫人:森 鴎外(45-81)/316


After that, Nakahira went to Edo at 26 and entered the Shohei Pass after registering under the gate of Koga.


For Nakahira who was going to give up his wisdom immediately, regardless of later generations, Matsuzaki Tsujido was more nostalgic than Koga, but in order to enter Shohei Pass, he had to enter Hayashi or Koga's gate. It didn't happen.


There was a scar, one eye, and a short country calligrapher, here again, he couldn't help being fooled by the alumni.


Still, Nakahira was silent and silently reading.


When a friend who came to tease read what was written in half-fold on the pillar on the right side, he wrote, “Now, the sound is shining in Oka when it ’s the name of a bird somewhere in Kumoi” It was.


“No, it's a great ambition,” my friend laughed and left, but he felt a little creepy in his stomach.


This was a remnant of studying the Japanese language a little until he devoted all his energies to Hangaku at the time of nineteen.


While Nakahira was still in Edo, he was read by the Lord in 28.


And when the lord returned home the following year, he went home with him.


Kiyotake-mura from this year's New Year | Akatsuki's academic office will be set up in Nakano, and construction is underway.


When it is completed, father, who will be sixty-one, will be on the platform with his father and son.


At that time, Yasushima told him to take his son's son.


But this is not an easy problem.


When Edo says, Shohei Junjimi, the hometown people who reputed that “Nakahira-san would n’t be able to do it” have a scar, one eye, and a short man. “Nakahira-san is a young man.”


滄 滄 翁 is a hard-worker who went to Edo as well.


It was a year when Tatsu Nakahira completed academic training and was going to be thirty next year, so I'd like to take a good luck, but I am fully aware of the difficult choices.


背 The height is not as low as Nakahei, but I myself have a scar and my one eye is giving up the bitter experience of the opposite sex.


Since it was impossible for me to make a match with an unknown girl, it was impossible for me to have the same flaws as I was and a short relationship That is known.


Nakahira's goodwill must be selected from among the daughters who knew each other early.


Tsuji also thinks about this from his own experience.


Even those who seemed to be young and beautiful have been dating for a while, and when their wisdom is revealed, their beauty will be forgotten someday.


When he reaches thirty and forty, his lack of wisdom appears in his face, and he is no longer considered a beautiful person.


Contrary to this, even if there is a habit in the face, if it is a talented person, that habit is forgotten while dating.


And as you get older, your talents even make your eyebrows beautiful.


Nakahira looks like a splendid man when he sees his face with a single black eye.


This isn't just about the parents' eyes.


I want to get a woman who knows that person.


I thought so briefly.


翁 I thought of an unmarried daughter in a relative who looked at each other in five verses and year-ends.


The most glamorous person is the nineteenth daughter, Yae, who was the father of Seido who brought a woman from Edo to his wife.


Edo-style makeup, Edo | lyrics are used to dance with my mother.


This is unlikely and unfavorable to come where you want to get it.


I don't think there is a girl who has a simple shape, a noble girl, and a book that reads a little, but unfortunately there is no girl in that direction.


All are just ordinary girls.


In the end, I lost my choice and finally fell to my daughter in Kawazoe.


The Kawazoe family is the village of the nephew's wife in Kiyotake village, Daima Imaizumi and Kojioka, where there are two cousins of Nakahira.


His sister-daughter Sashiro is sixteen, and Nakao, a thirty man, is too young to be good.