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伊沢蘭軒:森 鴎外(1-35)/22132


Izawa Ranken


Mori Ogai


One of them


Yoryoyama Yoon is on the 3rd of December 12th in Kansai, Hiroshima Kokutaiji, in front of the back gate of the Kuntai-ji Temple in Sugiki, and is forbidden until December 6, 2012 As a result, the second day of culture, May 9th, “As for the outside of the gate, it ’s the stage of the end of life, and the Yoritsu-no-Mori” is covered. It was done.


This was during Sanyo from the age of 21 to 26.


Since then, everyone who made Sanyo's biography has been troubled by the facts that existed before and after this ghost.


Morita Shingen also encountered the same difficulty when he drew the “Yoriyama Yoi and its era” in 1967.


However, for several years prior to this, Taika Tomotakahashi bought some old letters.


It was a thing that Mt. Chacha gave to Izawa's father, and one of them was powerful enough to solve the Sanyo Yuen problem.


Shigen does not say whether this letter has a date.


However, since the letter was written only when Sanyo left the tea school in Chayama and gave it to Kyoto, perhaps there was no date.


Sanyo left Hiroshima on the 27th of December, 6th of Bunka, and on the 29th, he wrote in the Bingo Country of Kansai in Anna-gun, and left Kanbe on the 8th of February. Written in Shinozaki Kotake, Ryogoku-cho, Nishi-ku, Osaka on the fifteenth day, got a letter of introduction from Kotake a few days later, stood Osaka, and visited Kozui in Kyoto around the 20th. I opened a private school in Shinmachi.


Shigen was judged to have been written at this time with a letter from Chayama.


思 Shigen understood the purpose of writing this letter of Chayama as follows.


"That's the place where Anzubo is going up to Edo this time, begging your side to do Sanyo, and then go back to Kyoto and go back to Chayama cram school. "I would like to list Sanyo's old days and show that he was fond of Sanyo, and hope that he would oppose his father's plan of Anping Pyeong."


The plan is the plan of Sanyo's father Shunsui.


Shunsui and others sang Sanyo's uncle Anpyeong and preached to the Asano family's reign, allowing them to return to Hiroshima from Sanyo's Kyoto.


After returning to Hiroshima, Sanyo will be entrusted again to the school.


However, it is said that Chayama already crawls in Sanyo and wants to be a father and stop Anpingbo.


How many people are you Kono Izawa's father?


The shrine is over.


“As I guessed by the words in the book, I should live in Edo of the people behind the cover and be closely related to the mansion. I said.


Nineteen years after the “Yoyo Yoriyama and its era” came out, Sakamoto | Yoyama's “Yoyama Yo” came out in Taisho 2nd year.


Hatakeyama draws the same Chayama letter and says that the person to whom the letter is addressed is Izawa Ranken.


I don't know the whereabouts of the tea-san letter, which Yutaka bought.


I wonder if this letter exists somewhere and Mr. Hiyama got to see it.


When I was going to write the story of Ranken Izawa, I first talked about the old letter dug up by Taika Hidakahashi.


This is to show how deep the name of the orchid eaves was buried at one time.


The second


As far as I know, the story of Ranken's facts up to now is the story of Sakamoto Kashiyama's “Beikeijinjin” and the story of Mankichi Wada, which was published in a library magazine. There are only two, “collector Iran Ranken Ikenden”.


However, I have to master Shiroki's attitude in order for me to be late and to write a new story about Ranken, even though these descriptions are already there.


The difficulty for me to travel through Imaranken is not the same as the difficulty of traveling through Shibue Kosai before.


Rakusai, Sakai, and the personal name dictionary put this on, and Riku Shonan once made a story.


記載 His name dictionary is not listed outside the tomb magazine of Kaibo Fishing Village, and Shonan's sentence was just an introduction to the history of visiting Koshi. It was.


Contrary to this, Wada-san has already used up the main ingredients that can be obtained from the hands of Ranken's great-grandson |