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伊沢蘭軒:森 鴎外(17871-17914)/22132


If you decide not to go through the waterway, you may get a job.


The teacher replied that at least Mizuno would always get a job. "


“The teacher met again and asked the opinion of the prodigy among the inmates, as if he had been alone treating Abe.”


“The inmates were divided into hard and soft.


Takeuchi Tachiken etc. recommended to take the steamer with his teacher.


The reason is that if a teacher loses his job, there will be no Kampo doctors in the government.


Contrary to this, we said.


Teacher never ride on a steamship.


He said that if he was able to get out of his job at a young age, he would go down to the field and try to revitalize the Chinese medicine.


Since the teacher was not willing to follow the old man's words from the beginning, he was very pleased to hear our words. "


"The teacher never decided to leave the ship.


However, in order to avoid being similar to that protest, I decided to present a petition with the name of Taki Ango and Tsugaru Gen. "


Dr. Gokuku's Hayashi-Donkai law eye leaks in the name of an attending medical officer who can be seen during this conversation by Mr. Matsuda.


Dokai, the name is 彊, the character is Kengo, was called by the Manbei 1st year Shogunate, and the next year he was assigned to the acupuncture team.


In addition, Shimura | Ryo * remembers and sings that he was one of the best members.


Kore is also a Chinese medicine doctor.


Other than this, there were many things that led the medical officers as one of the most appropriate members of the bank.


One example is Hitotsubashi Nakatona | Atsushi Mizutani Tange, the father of Yosaku Kiyokawa's foster child under Keiki.


Three hundred fourteen


柏 When Tomokawa Ishige, the old shogun, went up, he was ordered to accompany him.


And I had to get on the steamship Rinmaru.


Kore was a place where the ability to sneak away from Western craftsmanship was insignificant.


I wrote above that Saeken wanted to leave Otobune with the position of Dr. Oku.


Mr. Matsuda talks about this boarding problem, but Izawa Ryokota himself keeps a petition written by Taki Ango and Tsugaru Genten, so I extracted this to Matsuda. I'm going to make up for him.


“That's the time, this is an unwilling place.


And the servant weather is borne by the ship, and there is a condolence that is difficult to superimpose. "


`` But, the person who was on board the ship, the person who was on the verge of sneaking, the person who got on the ship, the person who was embarking on the ship and the claimant, the person who was on the ship, and the person who was on the verge, Proposal | Kyokuto Shizukomi, first two months of the month at the end of last month | | On the other hand, Ginjin Yoshito is also accepted by Aino.


The person's personal illness and allegations are of course, Hirasei Funakashi, of course, the general swaying symptom, the symptom of vomiting, the vaginal symptom of vomiting, and the vulgarity .


Left signer embarkation signage person who has illness difference inevitability and consolation.


A person with illness who is ill, a person who is sick, and a person who is ill with a sick person, a middle-aged symptomatic case, a post-shogi landing, a must-have fatigue, and a sneak peak Senselessness service. "


"At that time | Gohan, the gods of the gods, and the irresponsible affairs of the Hanshin family, and the use of the Hanae lords" Both the survivors and the consecrated ceremonies of the Hanshin lords and the consecrations.


"But, in the ship's ship, vomiting and excretion, etc. The servant's climax is on the ship, and the servant's weather is indefinite.


And the person's accompaniment is difficult to conceive. The intention is also incompatible. Appears on land, 罷 | Goshen on the tip, on the deadline for the appearance of metaphysics, is the deadly sign for the departure of Tokyo.


This stage |


February day.


Taki Eiharu-in.


Tsugaru Ryoharu-in. "


This address has no address.


However, since doctors were under the control of young people, it would be a product to be addressed to younger people.


歎 The application form is what I envyed in the middle of writing Matsuda's story.


Matsuda said after the discussion about the boarding problem.


“However, Dr. Eiken's concerns were useless.


That is because the shogunate's argument changed halfway and it was decided to go overland without using boats.


Looking back from now on, I feel strange, but it is obedient to ride a steamer, I would like to quit riding even if I bet Ning position, the teacher seriously thinks, both of us seriously I agreed with this. "