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カズイスチカ:森 鴎外(86-136)/277

それから後は学校教師になって、Laboratorium に出入するばかりで、病人というものを扱った事が無い。

After that, I became a school teacher and just went in and out of Laboratorium, and never dealt with the sick.


Therefore, in Hanafusa's memory, I remember the time when I had a medical examination for my father at Senju's house.


It was a short period of life like a doctor in Hanafusa who did medicine.


Write a few things that remain in the memory of the flower cluster.

一体医者の為めには、軽い病人も重い病人も、贅沢薬を飲む人も、病気が死活問題になっている人も、均しくこれ casus である。

For the sake of a doctor, mild and severe sick people, those who take luxury medicine, and those whose illness is a life-and-death problem are all casus.

Casus として取り扱って、感動せずに、冷眼に視ている処に医者の強みがある。

Treating as Casus, the doctor's strength lies in the fact that he is not impressed and looks cold.


However, Hanafusa has not reached such a boundary.


Hanafusa stopped treating the sick while he was still visible to humans.

そしてその記憶には唯 Curiosa が残っている。

And only Curiosa remains in that memory.

作者が漫然と医者の術語を用いて、これに Casuistica と題するのは、花房の冤枉とする所かも知れない。

The author's vague use of doctor's terminology, entitled Casuistica, may be the blame of Hanafusa.


Fallen wind.


It was a short time after Hanafusa asked his father to help him.


Just in the New Year, Fujiko, Hanafusa's younger sister, who was hitting her wings at the gate, jumped into the back.


When Hanafusa, who was looking at the New Year issue of Kagetsu Arashi, asked what it was, he said that a sick person with a terrifying face came.


When asked what kind of face it was, he had a face that seemed to bite, so he ran away and crawls in without looking at it.


Sato, a white-colored, long-haired student from Echigo, came to Hanafusa.


"I'm asking the old teacher to come out."




Hanafusa immediately went out to the hall with the student.


Behind the oval-shaped table of Shunkei-nuri, the old man was leaning on a chair with a smiling face, but he said to Hanafusa, "Look at that sick person," and pointed in the direction with his face. ..


Around 40 bosses and about 20 young people are standing on the tatami mats around the bed.


It was this young man's face that Fujiko said he was about to bite.


A pale, long-sleeved man.


The mouth is open, as if pulling the lower jaw backwards and downwards, so its long face is almost doubled in length.


The gills are constantly drooling, so I wipe the gills with a folded towel.


If you pull strongly on a part of the face in a small area, the overall shape will change.


The big eyes of the face, which is not ugly, are pulled down and open strangely, staring at the front as if surprised by things.


It's no wonder that Fujiko is about to bite.


The boss who accompanied me turned the edges of his eyes red and appealed to Hanafusa again as he once appealed to the old man with a tearful voice.


There was a bone-in party last night among the bosses.


My son said that it was fun to win by pulling the bills with someone, so he laughed out loud and both jaws came off at once.


Then I got into a fuss and got a doctor in my neighborhood to see me, but he didn't fit me.


He said that he was more worried than his son because he was worried about what to do if he couldn't fix it.


"How is it?"


The old man smiled and looked at the face of the young bachelor.


"I agree.


I agree with my boss about the diagnosis.


Bilateral mandibular dislocation.


If you dislocated last night, you can expect immediate reduction. "


"Send and see"


Hanafusa had Sato bring Gaaze, wrapped the thumbs of both hands thickly, inserted it into his mouth, and thought that he pressed the lower jaw in two places on the left and right, and pushed the back down firmly.


When I loosened my hand, my chin fits nicely.


Twenty saliva wiped tears with a hand towel that had been holding down the gills until now.


The government also took out a towel from the towel and wiped the tears with joy.


Hanafusa saw his father's face on his face.


My father is still smiling.


"There are things that just know the anatomy.


It wasn't like the beginning. "


Parents and children returned with joy and courage, and the old man continued his words.


"The dislocation of the lower jaw used to be called a fallen wind, and one landlord put a large wind furnace on the sick person's head and performed a procedure so that people could not see the secret of reduction.


There is no secret as long as you know the shape of the bone.