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カズイスチカ:森 鴎外(185-237)/277


However, the signs of tetanus in the internal medicine theory that Hanafusa, who had just graduated, still had in his head, appeared in front of him as if printed, without leaving any signs.


Even the sweat that oozes like pearls lined up on the tip of the nose was not left behind, as promised.


A single board is a very simple report.


There is no way to say such a lyrics unless it is from the natural mouth of a pure peasant who cannot be accumulated in my knowledge.


That report was that of an Impressionist of life.


Hanafusa remembered that there was nothing like tetanus in the body of Inuzuka Shino in Hakkenden, and I thought it was funny in my heart.


When I heard the conversation between my parents who were by my side, it means that this important only son had been swimming in the back pond every day since summer.


As a boy with constant wounds that seemed to be scratched all over his body, he didn't know where the pathogens infiltrated.

 花房は興味ある casus だと思って、父に頼んでこの病人の治療を一人で受け持った。

I thought Hanafusa was an interested casus, so I asked my father to take care of this sick person alone.


Then, to see the progress, I often went to the farmhouse in Jin Arimura, invading the scorching sun.


I had a problem when I met a terrible convectional rain on the way.

 病人は恐ろしい大量の Chloral を飲んで平気でいて、とうとう全快してしまった。

The sick person drank a terrifying amount of Chloral and was fine, and finally he was completely recovered.


Physiological | Tumor.


At the end of autumn, the leaves were swept or swept in the garden in front of the south-facing hall.


It's just Saturday, so Hanafusa came to his father's house to stay overnight, with a newly built zinc-roofed dispensing room to the southwest of the doctor's office and the same zinc-roofed car shed under an old vine over there. On the land of about 1 tsubo, I was peeling the dead vines of the thatched-roof that had many fruits that year.


At that time, Sato opened his head by opening the glass window of the dispensing room.


"There are patients who would like to see Dr. Ichijo Waka."


"Is it a difficult illness?


My dad will be back and will come out, so it would be nice if I could wait. "


"But I've been waiting for a long time.


I ’m the last patient today. ”




Have all the traces returned?


I thought it was reasonably quiet.


Then I feel sorry for waiting too long, so I like it.


What kind of sick person is it? "


"I'm a female patient who has already visited a few local doctors.


At first, someone told me that I was full, so I thought that a surgeon would like to get water, and when I went to someone, he said that it might be cancer because it was hard. He said he didn't stab me. "


"Then it's a matter of ascites or a tumor in the abdominal cavity.


Did you see it? "




There is no vibration.


When I hear about the pre-existing illness, there is no fact that something is likely to come to the liver.


When it comes to liquor, I'm not afraid.


When I think of it as Hatena and listen to it, it says that even if I drink it, it will be a few cups, so I don't think it will cause any changes in the liver.


Nutrition is moderate.


There is no place that seems to be a malignant tumor. "




Let's see it anyway.


I'm going to wash my hands now, so please wait.


I can't wait for the doctor to do this, you. "


Hanafusa bent over and spread out the dirt on the fingers of both hands that had been put forward, and made a wind that seemed to grab people, and showed it to Sato and laughed.


After Sato closed the window and retracted, Hanafusa slowly washed his hands and crawled into the examination room.


On the leg of the bed, a woman with a couple of combs wears a half-collared hanten, fastens a silk-covered apron at chest height, and puts her right hand on a tatami mat. He struck and settled with his body tilted.


Amber-colored round face with light red eye edges.


I looked at the flower cluster with my eyes and immediately turned down.

Cliente としてこれに対している花房も、ひどく媚のある目だと思った。

I also thought that Hanafusa, who was the cliente for this, had terrible eyes.


"Shall I let you sleep on the sleeper?"


Sato, who came with me, told me that he was well known.




Sato ordered the woman to go to bed again, declining that she would be seen by Mr. Waka.


The woman turns to the wall and unravels the apron, the sash, and some strings quite patiently.


"I thought that the teacher might see it, so I told him to wait as it was."