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寿阿弥の手紙:森 鴎外(795-835)/1200


The Mito family was Ryoko | Munemoto died in the second year of Meiwa, and became the world of Bunko | Harumori.


Yatsushiro is Kaoru Okitani.


He died on July 20th, 3rd year of Tenmei.


The Mito family was in the world of Harumori, depending on the 舊.


Nine generations are Shintan Ichitetsu Shinshi.


Instead of this person, it was said that "Kansei Go | Three and a half people have been reduced for a while since the year of Ox, and three and a half people have been subordinated at that time."


Two kinds of past books are especially mentioned in the year of the first year.


The book dated November 6th, 3rd year of Bunka is a poorly maintained book.


The other one wrote the date of this year and erased it, and it was written beside it as November 6, 8th year of Kansei.


In the Mito family, one year before the former year, and in the second year of culture, Takeko | Haruki became the reign of the family.


A teenager has another person listed in two types of past books.


The first one was the swearing swordsman, and the other one was swearing by Ryoren Shinji, who said, "By Goro Teen, Gohei Hyogo."


Hashimoto is a person who died on June 29th, 13th year of culture, and Ryoren is a person who died on July 6th, 8th year of Kansei.


Now | It's hard to say what to do, but in short, there is an unknown 處 among the nine and teens.


In the year of Tokugawa's death, Ai of Lu | Narino became the reign of the family in the Mito family.


The rest of this is not listed in the poorly maintained past book at all.


On the other hand, in the other book, Goro's work by Toshiya attacked after Ryoren and became the eleventh generation of Masashiya.


In the 8th year of the Kansei era, Aya was 28 years old.


Aya Toshi is Mr. Motoema, and his family is from Maizaka, Hamana-gun, Totomi.


My father is Riemon, a resident of the posthumous name.


One of the past books is made by Goro 11th generation with this person, but it does not include spouse or other vulgarity.


Even if he has a younger sister and a niece, it is unclear how he and they are pedigreeally connected to Mr. Nishimura of Masashiya.


However, this connection probably exists on this person's respect | relatives.


Goro's work by Aya Toshi was born in the 5th year of Bunsei.


This can be seen in the blank space of the poorly maintained past book, with the sentence added later and the sentence written under the eight days of one past book.


The former is written as "Amitabha Amitabha, by Goro, the 5th year of Bunsei, in October of the 5th year of Bunsei, the priest of the Asakusa Niwaji Temple", and the latter is "Amitabha, the 11th generation, by Goro Minae It is written as "Mr. Uemono, the priest of the Nichirinji Temple in October of the 5th year of Bunsei."


The latter is on the 8th day of the priesthood, so the day of decoration is October 8th, 5th year of Bunsei.


I read the letter of Aya Toshi, and speculated that Aya Toshi had priestly priestly departed from a confectionery shop, and in the words of the widow of Shikaoka, I speculated that this niece would be Yamazaki.


Later, when I looked at the Mashiya document, I saw the name of one of the new nieces of Aya.


This niece was accused of being a Goro soldier, and accepted Mashiya, and died before Hiroshi.


After the writing of Nishiyama's deceased by Aya Toshi, "Niece Mashiya Goro Hyogo Kiyotsune, part of the 藏 Nishiyama's deceased, misrepresentation of the book | "Autumn, August, 5th year of Bunsei, written by Goro Mashiya, Akihoshosho".


This year is two months before Toshi Aya shave.


From this, it is clear that Toshi Aya wrote this sentence for his niece Kiyotsune, saying that he was going to be a priest.


With a little speculation, I would like to see that it was written by Goro in the 11th generation, that is, Aya Toshi, for Kiyotsune Goro in the 12th generation.


This Kiyotsune is listed in one of the past books, and on the left side of the mortuary tablet of Aya, it is written as "Kaitan Nishimura Kiyotsune, 13th year of Bunsei | December 12th."


The thirteenth year of Bunsei is the first year of Tenpo.


Kiyotsune was eight years after the fifth year of Bunsei, when Ivy was born, three years after the tenth year of Bunsei, who was treated to the fire of Masashiya, and the eleventh year of Bunsei, when Ivy wrote a book in the hall. Two years later, I died.


There is little doubt that the so-called "foolish niece" in the book is this neat.


However, this person and Mr. Kujiro Oka, the elder brother of Ishi's husband, are different from Mr. Yamazaki, and Mr. Yamazaki wrote in one of the past books, "My brother, forty-five years old," is written immediately.


After all, Yamazaki is probably not the elder brother of Suzuki and Shikaoka.


It goes without saying that the so-called "Goro Saku brother" is not the so-called brother of Toshi Aya, but I haven't considered it yet.